New Beginnings

It’s a beautiful spring evening in Southern California, the whole world is locked inside due to the COVID19 pandemic, and I’m currently in between novels. A perfect time to start work on a new project.

During the past few years that I have taken part in the genre writing community, I have realized that there is a striking lack of literary criticism and discussion from a right-wing perspective, specifically from the modern conservative counterculture. Almost every book review, blog, and discussion-group are either moderate or far left. The biggest publisher backed sites are overtly progressive and almost all of the reviews and analysis come from a Neo-Marxist, Feminist, or Critical Theory viewpoint. I believe the novel occupies a critical role in cultural development and when new and old readers come to our genres there is a need for robust discussion and critical analysis from all sides of the cultural and political spectrum.

I recently came across this excellent video by The Distributist called The Culture War and Content Creation. It’s a well thought out breakdown on the culture war and how we can do our part defending our culture and beliefs. Watching the video I found myself agreeing with his points because, for the most part, he clarified issues that I have been bringing up for the past few years, that the Right needs to occupy cultural space. Not just react to media created by others, but to create art and content across communities while building up a solid critique base that new readers and writers can use as foundations for greater and greater works.

I’m not a literature professor or even an expert in the field but I am sufficiently well-read to see the catastrophic void caused by the lack of commentary and presence from our side. So I’ve decided to start this small online journal focused on genre book reviews, critique, and cultural commentary from a Conservative counterculture perspective.

Welcome to The Dacian


  1. Alexandru

    You don’t to be a litprof(tm) on the contrary reading books and critiquing them suffices.

    First thing’s first. Let’s define our terms
    What’s right wing?
    What is conservatism?
    What are the gaps/ absences in non leftist cultural criticism?
    What are the values/ideology animate non Lefitist criticism?

    My values are informed from a theistic perspective while you’re from an atheistic one. What are the common perspectives we agree on?
    And so on.

    The biggest obstacle within the Anglosphere right/conservative is its shallowness. It doesn’t expand outside itself and take into account the German or Latin, Confusician or Eastern European traditionalism.
    As if these haven’t reflected on the human condition in the arts and have contributed nothing.


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  2. Alex,

    I hope this comment doesn’t get eaten like the last few times I’ve tried to comment.

    In any event, I’m really excited about this new venture and am looking forward to it greatly. You are 100 percent correct that we don’t have enough serous, honest literary criticism–or even literary writing–on our side of this cultural divide. We absolutely need to occupy this space in a serious manner.

    I haven’t watched that video by The Distributist yet, but it’s on my list.

    Looking forward to what is to come here!

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    1. Alexander and Alexandru,

      To follow up. I look forward to contributing here in the comment section and try to help build a construction critique culture.

      What book do you have in mind to critique first?


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  3. I’m not an intellect, but I enjoy reading other’s opinion. You mentioned that conservatives have not done a very good job in the culture war. Andrew Breitbart made that same observation when he started Breitbart online. I believe he did empower people to take a chance, Alonzo Rachel comes to mind. Not sure why conservatives don’t support other conservatives in the arts.

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  4. Fascinating that you should think this too. I believe you are right for several reasons (no pun intended).

    Firstly, if you are writing from a right wing perspective (regardless of slant or style) you will invariably be called out as some kind of Nazi by the militant left. They are insidious and powerful, amplified by their echo chamber forums and Facebook groups they are far more vigorous in their put downs of their adversaries than many and most right-wing activists.

    Secondly, the left has enjoyed somewhat of a renaissance this past couple of decades. They have portrayed themselves as this heroic band of rogues fighting a globalist elite that threaten their very being. Whilst simultaneously ordering no end of junk from Amazon (don’t worry Jeff Bezos is on their side so it’s ok) and enjoying the fruits of global trade such as Chinese made flannel shirts.

    Thirdly, what is centre right commentary anyway other than sound logical thought? Surely you can’t be thinking of selling common sense to people? They simply won’t stand for it!

    In jest but when jesting their is always a sliver of truth, I think you’ll agree.

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    1. AJH,

      We have to adopt their tactics. After all, the progressives put them on the table first. They’re fair play. This includes gatekeeping our own stuff and having our own cultural community.

      As far as “sound logical thought” goes . . . logic is good, but to win converts and not just preach to the choir, you have to speak to people’s emotions. That’s one thing the right has been horrible at because it’s claimed “artsy fartsy” stuff is for unserious losers and weirdos. It only SEEMS like that because the right abdicated these spaces without a fight.

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      1. I think the problems start when the right insists on maintaining undefendable stances on progressive ideas like abortion. They need to get out of the dark ages and really start clear sky thinking. It’s what the Irish did to swindle the youth population into voting for them when they came of age and it’s what the right need to start thinking about now.



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