“Conservatism starts from a sentiment that all mature people can readily share: the sentiment that good things are easily destroyed, but not easily created”

Roger Scruton

After I posted my introduction last week I immediately received a comment that I was expecting, the obvious question of definition. What is conservatism, what is the right-wing, and how do we approach culture and criticism from a conservative right-wing perspective.

Defining conservatism is difficult because unlike progressive ideology a lot of right-wing thought lacks what the left calls praxis or application. Neo-Marxist theories of feminism and deconstruction are materialistic, simplistic, and easy to use as a bludgeon even by the dullest of thinkers. On the other hand, conservatism is difficult and introspective. Conservatism lacks the rush of chaos and excitement that progressive destruction gives you, it’s much more fun and easy to take a sledgehammer to a structure than to build one from the ground up, or more representative of conservatism, to maintain it and pass it to others.

The discussion of political conservatism, the right-wing, conservative values, can fill entire volumes and goes well beyond the scope of what I want The Dacian to focus on. But, I do plan on reviewing, recommending, and discussing books from the right and even going over some interesting bits of conservative political history and how we can apply the concepts and theory to our corner of the culture.

For the time being, I want to outline several core principles of what I consider “right-wing” and the basic perspective framework I will use on The Dacian. The majority of these points are taken from, and much better outlined by The Distributist in his excellent video To be “right-wing“.. My own philosophical and political outlook is always developing but I find the following points to be a great practical starting point.

  • A critical starting point that must be accepted is that right-wing thought outside of mainstream controlled opposition is the counterculture. Left-wing progressive thought from feminism to intersectionality is currently the accepted religious dogma of mainstream culture. To be right-wing is to be a counterculture warrior.
  • Life has meaning, transcendence spiritual or philosophical is possible. Nihilism must be scorned and rejected. There is an absolute good in the universe and there is most defiantly absolute evil, and the two are not morally equivalent. Sauron is evil and all he touches is corrupt.
  • Virtue is key, man must strive to virtue, power, or victim-hood do not endow one with virtue, it must be attained through action. Good men can fail to be virtuous. Men must focus on uplift over comfort, constantly fighting against the forces of chaos and entropy. Moral uplift, not pleasure must be the goal.
  • Community, brotherhood, and citizenship. The idea that one is part of a bigger community, and will build on the past to leave something for the future. Men must have skin in the game, take ownership of the world around them and build, create, and protect. This is best illustrated in the Kings of Gondor and the love of the Shire shared by the Hobbits. The book started by Bilbo is finished by Samwise and passed on to later generations.
  • Human nature is fallen, the world is in the grip of entropy, chaos reigns, all Kings die and all kingdoms turn to dust, to be forgotten by the ages.
  • Hierarchy and Sovereignty. Equality does not exist, some are better leaders, smarter thinkers, and some ideas and systems are superior. Hierarchies are the ideal state of man, to honorably fulfill your duty to those above you and serve those below you as a strong and protective leader.

The above points can be used as a basic framework for evaluating a given work of art or fiction and can be used as a springboard for starting the in-depth discussion from a right-wing perspective. Will this be successful, I can’t answer that question after all this is an amateur attempt at approaching pop-culture topics from a perspective I find neglected. My main goal is to engage in an interesting conversation with readers and writers and hopefully expand my point of view beyond the dull mainstream.

Feel free to comment below on the above points, discussion and disagreement are welcome. Also, please let me know what topics, novels, movies, you would like to be reviewed or discussed in the future.


  1. Another core component of the right-wing thought implicit in the points above is that the right advocates for order as opposed to revolution. Thus, any calls for revolution is inherently left-wing and should be rejected by any who profess to be of the right.

    Modern day conservatives, leftists, and libertarians put forth whatever they conceive as “liberty” to be the goal. This is wrong as making liberty the goal of anything puts the cart before the horse. It is only in an ordered society that true liberty arises (i.e. the freedom to pursue virtue, beauty, and truth). Pursuing liberty for its own sake leads to misery in much the same way that pursuing pleasure for its own sake does. 

    Of course by order, I don’t necessarily mean the kind imposed top-down in a Communist regime like China or the Soviet Union. True order comes about through healthy and thriving organic relationships. True order seeks to safe-guard those relationships which arise organically out of simply being human (or, if you’re Christian, those that are ordained by God). As such the right should always seek to protect, bolster, and keep those organic relationships: that of the husband and wife, the parent and child, the extended family, the sovereign and subject, the priest and the laity, man and God, etc.
    The right must seek to protect those relationships and create a society in which those relationships can thrive. Any movement or ideology that seeks to destroy any of these organic relationships is of the Left, evil, and must be condemned. 

    It is for these reasons that there are good arguments to be made that beloved movements or events in history (beloved by some) like the Reformation, the American Revolution, etc. were really leftist in origin and nature.

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  2. Alexandru

    Thanks for addressing my questions and concerns.

    It’s much clearer and I’ll help out.

    My book recommendation rdealing with human condition

    Tirant lo Blanc(it’s available in English. The translator is Nathan Rosenthal)
    Orlando Furioso
    El canter del mio Cid
    The Divine comedy
    Any of the Blasco Ibanez books
    The Imitation of Christ
    De Regno (on kingship) St Thomas Aquinas
    The Salamanca School (Vitoria, Suarez etc)
    The autobiography of St Teresa d’Avila

    That’s all for now.


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      1. I have not but I really probably should, what with quoting him and all. I did used to watch him on Fox though back in the day, pretty sound guy from what I remember.

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