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Sanity: a Novel by Neovictorian

I don’t remember who recommended Sanity: the Novel, it was either Jon Mollison or Alexander Hellene, but it was a during a conversation where I was complaining that most indie writers are focused on product output and plot instead of style and character.

At first, I hesitated, I don’t like pseudonyms and obfuscation, I prefer recommending work from people that have skin in the game. In this case, I’m glad I made an exception because Sanity is a great book and exactly what I was looking for when it comes to style in indie fiction.

Sanity: a Novel is part spy novel, part action thriller, with a neo-noir mystery, and a fair bit of metaphysical mysticism. Crisp prose and a strong narrative voice take us through the non-linear narrative of Cal Adlers life; from a terror attack to his exceptional childhood, to time spent alone in the desert, working as a political aide, an encounter with a new-age cult started by a science fiction writer, and finally the present where Cal is investigating a missing person case, the novel keeps moving at a fast pace and is almost impossible to put down.

Neovictorian continues the science fiction tradition of weaving the narrative with the exploration of philosophical and political ideas. In Sanity, you will find a bit of Ayn Rand, a bit of Scientology, and a healthy dose of neo-reactionary thought along with a lot of other generally right-wing meditations. In the current age when the expected default for all media and entertainment is somewhere between the radical left and lukewarm consumer neoliberalism, fiction with a right-wing political perspective feels subversive and fresh even if I don’t agree with every idea.

Sanity is a fast-paced thriller that explores interesting ideas from a unique perspective that you won’t find in mainstream novels.


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