No Country for the Right: part 1

Several days ago I got a message from a writer asking me if I was aware of any literary journals or magazines that had conservative leanings. Predictability my answer was negative. I can’t think of any literary journal, magazine, publication, focused on literature or genre fiction that had a conservative outlook.

I did a cursory search trying to find at least one that would qualify and the closest thing I found was the literature book reviews found at The Imaginative Conservative and individual blogs and reviews done over at The American Conservative. The field is barren.

At this point, I want to address some points that you might be thinking about. What about Baen? Well, Baen does not have a conservative focus, Baen does not go out its way as a publisher to search out and publish conservative ideas. Baen is a politically neutral publisher in the same way all publishers used to be decades ago. The same applies to independent magazines like Cirsova, which I love, but the publisher does not specifically focus on conservative ideas or push conservative concepts to the forefront.

If you look at every major publisher, agent, and magazine, they are blatantly and without reservation progressive institutions. From Tor to Orbit to the smaller publications like Strange Horizons the progressive agenda is front and center and often paired with unmasked hostility towards any conservative thought. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, an organization meant to promote and protect the careers of all SFF writers openly uses its funds in support of progressive organizations and discriminates based on the skin color of their writers under the guise of anti-racism.

Of course, things might be different in other genres, please feel free to inform me of the state of conservatism in the Horror and Mystery world, but I’m not going to hold my breath. The only genre where you find open conservatism is in the conservative political opinion market. I challenge you to do some quick online searches and reading the mission statements of some of the industry’s top agents. If you find one that has a hint of conservatism please sent me a link.

The hard truth is that the academic and the publishing world is closed and hostile to conservative thought, and this fact is not only damaging to conservatives but our greater culture.

Publishing is no country for the Right.

No Country for the Right: part 1.5


    1. Giuseppe

      I’d say the European right probably still does while I’d concour with you about the Anglosphere right.


      But this begs the questions:
      What is Conservatism?
      What has it preserved exactly?
      What does it really have to say about the good,true and beautiful transmitted via literature?

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      1. To answer your questions.

        1) I think I made a decent case for the definition of conservatism in this post.

        2) It has preserved Western Culture and Civilization. Yes, we are at a dark crossroad but we have been at darker crossroads before. We still have the old books, the classics, the art, and the culture. It’s under attack and our defenders are weak and lethargic, but the sword of Welleran is waiting to be picked up.

        3) The ideas protected and projected by conservatism or at least right-wing thought are transcendent. The flame might be low right now but we just need to give it some wood and it will blaze brightly again.

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    2. They absolutely read fiction but have become locked into several genres due to the lack of published material. Most conservative males read a lot of historical fiction, milscifi, and crime thrillers. I also have a hunch that a significant portion of female romance readers is conservative, a big theme of a lot of romance novels is getting married or domestic goals.

      I think there is a large portion of readers that would identify as moderate conservative or even hardcore conservative but the academic and publishing industry is such a bubble dominated by progressive women and LGBT activists from NYC that they are functionally invisible.

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  1. Alexandru

    Thanks for your rebuttals. One if the urgent matters we need to attend to is to revitalize the study of the Classical languages. Not just Greek and Latin but Amarhic, Hebrew, Syriac, Arabic and Persian.
    As ideal as it would be for people to have fluency in many of them, realistically people can choose which to devote themselves to. I find learning Classical languages build a healthy shield to detect fraudulent language fads.

    I concour with your genre assessment and add thrillers. I notice when I read in Catalan and Spanish I tend to read historical fiction and crime novels. Catalans in particular excel in historical fiction and the crime novels are pulpesque

    In English, I tend to follow the genres but I gravitate towards thrillers.


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  2. Check out Dappled Things. It’s a Catholic literary journal that’s default philosophy is more conservative. The conservatism is implicit. The blog is really good but the journal itself is so-so.



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