Your Daily Dose of Poison

My wife told me that if you could visualize my spirit, my aura, you would see that it was being choked by thorns. Every time I got angry at the latest bug world obscenity the poisonous thorns and brambles grew thicker, more suffocating.

Bug World is Toxic.

The filth is insidious, it comes in homeopathic doses. We are like deer around Chernobyl’s forests, dragging our tumorous fifth leg behind us. We are the bloated deformed mutant fish gasping for air around the Bikini Atoll.

There’s no escape, I can’t wait

I need a hit, baby, give me it

You’re dangerous, I’m loving it


The sick part is that we love it. We are addicted to the hate served by the Technodemons.

Did you see what the vice president did? Tweet, Retweet, Like, Comment.

Snow White is now a Zulu Princess! Tweet, Anger, Like, Comment.

Grilling is patriarchal white supremacy, eat bugs instead says Anti-Viral Magazine! Tweet, Hate, Like Comment.

We see the latest nonsense engineered to upset us and we click on it, seethe at the comments made by mentally deficient bugmen, bots, or actual demons.

They feed on our hatred. They feed on our feelings of humiliation.

“Here’s a picture of a heroic statue toppled, death to the colonialist,” posts the Technodemon. Waiting for your anger. Feeding on your impotence.



Create Beauty

The digital world is engineered by evil to keep you in a state of anger and agitation. A man gripped by irritation and anxiety is a man poisoned, diseased, like an animal who only reacts. A man in this state cannot create beauty.  A man in this state is spiritually impotent.

It’s getting late to give you up

I took a sip from my devil’s cup

Slowly, it’s taking over me


Disconnect. Go outside. Bathe in forest and sunlight. Lift steel. Create beauty.

When you return, return with the knowledge that the field belongs to the enemy and come prepared to battle by lifting others and sharing beauty and art.


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