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After much deliberation, several long walks, offerings, consultations with the oracles, and a bit of oneiromancy, I’ve decided to expand my digital tendrils and convert TheDacian to a Substack newsletter. Substacks format is much more efficient and the community around ideas is growing on that medium. Most of all I’ve found myself preferring the email format for the majority of online reading.


So if you have enjoyed my writing in the past, feel free to subscribe to the newsletter and share it with as many people as possible. For people not interested in receiving my writing through emails I will continue to post a lot of it here, but in the near future, this page will be focused more on older work and autobiographical information.

The Dacian on Substack will be a free newsletter and the majority of the posts will always remain that way. The goal is to increase the volume of cultural discussion and debate from perspectives shared by myself and others that are often silent. I am a believer in the DIY style of early punk and other independent subcultures that attempted to remain free from editorial interference. As a writer, I have no interest in pursuing corporate publication and plan to remain independent. A paid subscription will contribute to my ability to publish independent fiction. If you enjoy my writing please consider it.

The newsletter will remain free but if you do contribute there will be private posts where I will share work in progress and other things that you might find interesting.


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