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Ankur Warikoo, a prominent online figure in the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem and a renowned motivational speaker. He is one of the most popular Internet coaches and writers of the era. His book is the best-selling book.

He has an incredible life journey and an extraordinary mindset to do multiple things at the same time.

This in-depth biography explores the life, Age, career, net worth, family, and contributions of Ankur Warikoo.

Profile of Ankur Warikoo

NameAnkur Warikoo
Age (D.O.B)43 years (August 25, 1980)
Birth PlaceNew Delhi, India
SpouseRuchi Budhiraja
OccupationBusinessman, Coach, Writer, Investor
ChildrenVidur & Uzma Warikoo
Net Worth$15 Million (2021)
EducationMaster of Business Administration
Social MediaYouTube, Twitter, Instagram

Early Life and Education

Born on August 25, 1980, Ankur Warikoo hails from a family deeply rooted in education and entrepreneurship. He spent his formative years in Delhi, India, and exhibited a penchant for knowledge from a young age.

Ankur pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Physics from the Hindu College, Delhi. Later he completed his MBA from the Indian School of Business and then he dropped out his Ph.D. in astrophysics from Michigan State University.


Ankur Warikoo values his family and maintains a private life. He is married to his wife Ruchi Budhiraja and they have 2 children together. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to cherish moments with his loved ones.


His Founding story started in 2008 by co-founding his first startup called Accentium Web. He is also known as a co-founder of

Ankur Warikoo’s entrepreneurial journey took a significant leap when he co-founded Nearbuy (formerly Groupon India) in 2015. This platform aimed to connect local businesses with consumers, offering a myriad of deals and experiences.

His leadership and vision played a pivotal role in Nearbuy’s growth and success.

Ankur Warikoo’s contributions to the Indian startup ecosystem extend beyond Nearbuy. He actively mentored and invested in emerging startups, serving as a catalyst for innovation and growth in the industry.

Motivational Speaker

Ankur Warikoo’s ability to inspire and motivate led him to become a sought-after motivational speaker. He has delivered talks at various conferences, educational institutions, and corporate events, sharing his insights on entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal development.

Online Presence

With a strong online presence, Ankur Warikoo has reached a vast audience through social media, podcasts, and webinars. His valuable content has empowered individuals to embark on their entrepreneurial journeys and overcome challenges.


After running a few successful startups Ankur Warikoo wrote some of the life lessons in the form of a Book. He became a best seller on Amazon for a long time.

  • Do Epic Shit (2021)
  • Get Epic Shit Done (2022)

Net Worth

While precise figures on Ankur Warikoo’s net worth may not be publicly available, some people estimated a figure of $15 Million US dollars. His successful entrepreneurial endeavors and investments have likely contributed to his financial prosperity.


Ankur Warikoo’s impact on the Indian startup ecosystem and his motivational endeavors cannot be overstated. He has played a vital role in nurturing entrepreneurship and fostering a culture of innovation.

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Ankur Warikoo’s Interview

Source: Brut

Latest Reels

Official Website:

Youtube Channel: @warikoo

LinkedIn: @warikoo

facebook: awarikoo

X(Twitter): @Warikoo

Instagram: @ankurwarikoo

Threads: @ankurwarikoo


In conclusion, Ankur Warikoo’s journey from a Ph.D. dropout to a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker serves as an inspiration to many.

His dedication to personal and professional growth, along with his contributions to the startup ecosystem, has left an indomitable legacy.

As he continues to inspire and empower individuals to reach their fullest potential, Ankur Warikoo remains a beacon of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs and dreamers.

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