Grubhub Eats its Way onto Amazon in Wider Partnership

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Grubhub Eats its Way onto Amazon in Wider Partnership (Image via 9to5toys)

On Wednesday, May 29th, 2024, Amazon announced exciting news for foodies who also love shopping online. The retail giant has expanded its partnership with Grubhub, bringing restaurant delivery directly to Amazon’s website and app. This means you can now order delicious meals from hundreds of thousands of restaurants across all 50 states in the US without ever leaving Amazon.

This expanded partnership makes things even more convenient for Amazon customers. Imagine browsing for that new book you’ve been wanting, and then getting hungry. With a few clicks, you can order dinner from your favorite local restaurant, all within the familiar Amazon platform. No need to switch apps or open a new browser window.

But wait, there’s more! This deal gets even sweeter for Amazon Prime members. Prime membership already comes with a ton of benefits, and now you can add a free Grubhub+ membership to the list. Grubhub+ typically costs $120 a year, and it gives you perks like free delivery on qualifying orders. So not only is it convenient to order food through Amazon, but Prime members can potentially save money on delivery fees too.

This wider partnership is a win-win for both Amazon and Grubhub. Amazon can leverage its massive customer base to drive more orders to Grubhub’s marketplace. Grubhub, on the other hand, gets access to a whole new pool of potential customers who might not have used their service before. It’s a strategic move for both companies, especially as competition in the online food delivery market continues to heat up.

This isn’t the first time Amazon and Grubhub have joined forces. They originally announced a partnership in June of last year. Back then, the focus was on offering Grubhub delivery for a limited selection of restaurants on Amazon. This new expansion makes food ordering through Amazon a much more comprehensive experience.

Grubhub isn’t the only delivery service looking to expand its reach. In April, they announced a partnership with online marketplace Mercato. This deal allows Grubhub to offer grocery delivery alongside restaurant meals, giving customers even more options.

Whether you’re a die-hard Amazon shopper or a Grubhub regular, this wider partnership brings convenience and potentially big savings to the table. So next time you’re browsing Amazon and your stomach starts to rumble, remember, you can now satisfy your cravings without ever leaving the site.

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